A Few Of The Best Aspects Of The State Of St Louis Missouri

A Few Of The Best Aspects Of The State Of St Louis Missouri

When you hear about the city of St. Louis to Missouri, you might wonder how it got its name. It was originally founded by first traders, individuals that were from France that named it after Louis IX. Since that time, it has grown into a major city, once a major port because of its proximity to the Mississippi River. Most of the larger cities in the early United States were positioned near bodies of water. Today, it is a place that you can visit many unique tourist attractions. These are a few of the more popular ones.

Tours In St. Louis

If you do get to do a few of the tours that are available, there are a couple that are exceptional. There is the Budweiser brewery experience which is where many people will go, despite the fact that it is no longer an American company. There is also the St. Louis Fun Trolley Tours which will take you all over the city. As with any major city, there are always going to be tours that are going to tell you about the city’s origin. If you like to eat food, you can do the EAT St. Louis food tour. This is a fan favorite for those that absolutely love the unique food that is produced in this state. Finally, you can do Haunted History Tours, something that is so common in southern states, and there is one right in St. Louis.

Sites And Landmarks You Need To See

One of the most beautiful structures in the entire state is the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis. It is a towering structure with a dome on the top, and can be seen for many miles around. The Missouri Botanical Garden is another destination which is really designed to help people relax. There are beautiful places with water, and flowers in all directions, and it is where people come to clear their mind on their vacation. The Gateway Arch is probably the most well-known attraction, a literal towering monument that can be seen for miles in all directions. Finally, visit the City Garden, and Grant’s Farm to complete your excursion through the city.

St. Louis is not as the only popular destination. You can travel to Branson, Kansas City, Springfield, or even Columbia and have a good time. There are water parks, amusement parks, and incredible rock formations. Plan your trip so that it coincides with when the temperature is not too hot. It can get a little muggy, especially during the summer, but it still going to be a fantastic adventure everyone that comes with you.