3 Tourist Destinations You Need To See In Missouri

3 Tourist Destinations You Need To See In Missouri

Located south of Iowa, and East of Kansas, Missouri is a state that has so much to offer. It may not be New York, or Hawaii, but it has its own unique setting which you can enjoy. It is bordered by the mighty Mississippi River. It’s also surrounded by many other states that you can visit. Most people end up on the east side going to St. Louis, perhaps traveling down into the Mark Twain National Forest. Other people will stay at Branson which is a very popular destination for all of the different shows that they have available. Regardless of what you do, here are 3 places that you definitely need to go if you have time to visit Missouri.

Why People Enjoy The State

The main reasons for people visiting this state are actually on the outskirts of the state itself. If you go south, you are going to hit Branson. This is a place where you will see some of the best shows that are put on today by families that are still performing together. The other place to go is on the East Coast, close to the Mississippi River, in a city called St. Louis. You also have national parks and places that you can go which will introduce you to the Missouri wilderness.

Elephant Rocks State Park

This is a unique park which is named after the many boulders that are in this unique area. They are made of granite, and were formed over a billion years ago, looking very similar to a circus of elephants. Kids love to climb on them, plus you can also see the rocks from a trail that leads to an old railroad engine house.

Table Rock State Park

Another state park that you ought to see is called Table Rock State Park. It is adjacent to Table Top Lake. There are many tourist attractions in the area, hiking trails, and places that you can have a picnic.

Lake Of The Ozarks

Another great place to visit is the Lake of the Ozarks. You are going to see fantastic sunsets. It is a wonderful lake, one where you can rent boats, go parasailing, or even just go on walks in this beautiful wilderness area.

If all you do is visit the places where state parks and natural features can be found, you are going to have a good time. Missouri is also known for cities that you can go to including St. Louis. For those that have never been there before, you should plan your trip accordingly. Book your flight and hotel in advance, get a good place in St. Louis, and then start to travel throughout the state.